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Gut Bacteria in Gastric Health

Did you know that we have billions of tiny workers who help us carry out the process of breakdown and uptake of the valuable nutrients from the food we eat.

July 22, 2023

What is Gut Bacteria in Health?​

  • Did you know that we have billions of tiny workers who help us carry out the process of breakdown and uptake of the valuable nutrients from the food we eat.
  • Today, the most common issues suffered by human beings are digestive tract distress. 
  • The gastro intestinal tract or digestive tract, is a series of hollow organs joined in a long, twisting tube from the mouth to the anus. 
  • It is where the food we eat is processed, through break down and uptake of all the nutrients, and ultimately the wastes from it are evacuated out of our system. 
  • We like to broadly differentiate the diseases of the gut as diseases of the upper, middle  and lower G.I. tract. 
  • Indigestion, gastritis issues like hyper-acidity and hypo-acidity, GERD, bloating, ulcers, impaired defecation, constipation, hemorrhoids and much more are all related to the gut. 
  • Did you know that we have billions of tiny workers who help us carry out the process of breakdown and uptake of the valuable nutrients from the food we eat. 
  • Yes, we indeed harbor good Bacteria that helps in all of these works and much much more. When we look at every digestive issues in detail, we can see that the problem ultimately is because of lack of good bacteria or due to the presence of bad bacteria. 
  • For example, The most common issue which is indigestion is due to the lack of these healthy bacteria in our digestive tract. 
  • Where as, hypo and hyper acidity, which we were under the notion that were caused by spicy or junk food, is actually caused by a bad bacteria called as H.Pylori.
  • Their presence and infection is the cause for stomach inflammation, gastritis, indigestion and a lot more. 
  • It was truly a ground breaking discovery of the H. Pylori bacteria, which subsequently lead to the invention and development of a remedy against it – The Triple Therapy. 
  • The triple therapy is in fact one of the most common treatments in the world, combining two antibiotics and one antacid to effectively combat this notorious bug. 
  • But a challenge arose once more as the bacteria started to develop a resistance against this antibiotic. And since it was synthetic, it needed updating almost every year. But this requirement failed on a large scale as the availability of improved versions of the medicine wasn’t readily distributed on time, leading to intake of older tablets and a drastic decrease in result or treatment of gastritis issues. This lead to the more evolved and dangerous strains of H. Pylori to vigorously infect and ultimately cause ulcers and even stomach cancers. 
  • This was an issue that needed to be addressed and Dr. Praveen Jacob’s Natural Triple Therapy came into existence. 
  • When the doctor formulated his Natural Triple Therapy, he made sure to address not only symptoms, but the root cause and also the individuals health in general so that there would be no room for future infections.The doctor also gave importance to treat hypo-acidity as the conventional treatment did not address this issue. 
  • The Natural Triple Therapy consists of Diet, Probiotics and Herbs. 
  • The diet is rich in Vitamins and other elements that damages the H.Pylori and makes the stomach an unfavorable habitat for them. The diet is also devoid of minerals that help the bacteria’s growth. 
  • Probiotics are good bacteria that in this case protects our body by fending of the H.Pylori. 
  • And a very specific and an accurate combination of multiple anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory herbs with a wider healing action apart from eradicating this notorious bug.

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