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This disease might be one of the most underestimated areas in Gastroenterology. The overwhelming number of misdiagnosed cases is alarming, this is mainly due to the similar symptoms in both Hypoacididty and Hyperacidity. Hence when hypoacidity is misdiagnosed and the doctor prescribes antacids it aggravates the disease further. The most important step is distinguishing between hypoacidity and hyperacidity

July 22, 2023

What is Hypoacidity?

Stomach pH normally ranges from 1.5-3.5, the main purpose of which is in breaking down the proteins in the food we eat and also to filter the microbes in our food. When people abuse the use of antacids over a period of time the gut pH is manipulated and it becomes alkaline which is the optimal pH for a bacteria called H.Pylori. In india the prevalence of H.Pylori infection is around 50%-80%. The bacteria produces Urease enzyme which breakdown urea to covert it into ammonia which further increases the pH to around 5-6. This leads to mainly indigestion; undigested food can be toxic for the body other symptoms may include

  • Abdominal pain.

  • Bloating.

  • Gas.

  • Diarrhea.

  • Brain fog.

How to distinguish between Hypoacidity and Hyperacidity?

Dr. Praveen has developed a very simple and elegant test that can be performed to distinguish them both. The patient is given one glass of water with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar added to it, before food. If the patient feels relief, then it can be suspected to be hypoacidity and if the symptoms are aggravated then it can be suspected to be hyperacidity. 

Treatment: Natural Triple Therapy

  • Apple cider vinegar-  Due to its acidic properties it can help in restoring the acidic pH of the stomach. A diluted form of Apple cider vinegar say one teaspoon in a glass of water can be effective in doing so. 
  • Dietary modification: Food intake should be properly monitored and the patients diet should primarily consist of fruits rich in vitamin C, Grain-free like rice and wheat should not be consumed, and natural probiotic food like yogurt. 
  • Herbal medicines: The patient can take a mixture of natural herbal medicines that have antibacterial properties. 

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On 11th March 2020 SARS-CoV-2 was declared a pandemic, a virus predominantly affecting the respiratory system. Within months there were also reports of neurological disturbances such as lack of smell and taste, dizziness and headaches. As the virus continued to spread from Wuhan through to neighboring countries and continents there was an increasing prevalence and severity of these neurological and psychiatric cases.

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